Our services

Our services - Cameleon in Madagascar




Our core objective is to optimize our guests’ travel through personalization, diversification and high quality standards.

We aim to provide a wide range of services from transports, to accommodations, passing by all the proposed excursions and activities. All the excursions and tours are made with guides and photographers.


Our local guides are proud to make their guests discover the Malagasy wealth from their own point of view, experiences and knowledge.

Let them invite you into their world, let them lead you to the second earth on Earth …

Professional photographers

Our team of young and passionate photographers is available to highlight and capture your best moments. The team is present during the excursions and will shoot you/film you (if you ask them to).

All the pictures and videos are secured and private.

Land transfers

The flexibility and the quality that we ought to offer would leave our guests into their #MadaSounds feelings, without worrying about the logistics.

In order to make our guests’ trip as smoother as possible, we provide solutions for all kind of transfers (airport, excursions…).

Air transfers

Sky Service - The transfers for the tours around Madagascar are ensured by private jets, thanks to our partner Sky Service.

Personal assistance

In order to provide the most personalized service and the finest attention to our guests, our team stays available at any time for any questions or additional service. A WhatsApp number is communicated to our guests at the arrival.