Experience earth and sea excursions, mainly around Nosy Be archipelago and Diego Suarez. All the tours’ departure are made from Nosy Be.

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Nosy Komba - Nosy Tanikely - Nosy Sakatia

This full day tour gives the opportunity to visit a part of Nosy Be archipelago ; walks around local villages (Ampagorina), craft shops, lemurs environment and other species in Nosy Komba allow an authentic exploration of the malagasy culture.

Then, Nosy Tanikely is a protected park offering a colorful and wealthy coral reef for snorkeling and diving. Be attentive to your neighbors during your swim, it could be a friendly turtle or a ray chilling by your side…

The last stop in Nosy Sakatia is dedicated to enjoy a Malagasy lunch and resting moments on an empty beach covered by white sand.

Nosy Iranja

Nosy Iranja is located at 30 miles away from Nosy Be. An entire day is necessary to discover this island and benefit from the spectacle of rising tide that covers the sand path of 2 km linking two islands (Nosy Iranja Be and Nosy Iranja Kely – which means the big Nosy Iranja and the little one).
The lunch is freshly prepared on the big island by local cookers, and a comfortable spot is arranged for our guests to keep their intimacy.

Nosy Iranja is a very unique place on earth that offers its own typical shades of blue and green, in contrast with the white sand. The crystal clean water allows to admire the sea turtles ballet at the arrival on the island. Also, the wealthy vegetation and the fishing village bring a relaxing and sweet atmosphere. This excursion is literally unmissable for sea lovers !

Nosy Fanihy

Snorkeling, chilling, walking around the rocks, meeting incredible and unknown species – Nosy Fanihy surpasses our imagination ! This island is known as being mysterious, the history counts that Sakalava kings have been buried there, which makes this island sacred for Malagasy people.


Nosy Be

  • Sacred tree – the place for prayers
  • Hell Ville market – the authenticity of malagasy people way of life
  • Lemuria Land – hundreds of lemurs, endemic species and plants
  • Distillery of Ylang Ylang – the tradition and malagasy know how
  • Andilana beach – the most fancy beach of Nosy Be
  • Sunset in Mont Passot – blue sky, pink sky, red sky, no light ; spectacular !


This full day tour by car/jeep is rich in emotions thanks to the diversity of landscapes visited and the discovery of the real local culture followed by its legends.


Nosy Be

Just for a sweet and simple moment into a natural swimming pool, several plunges from the rocks, and the discovery of a hidden and intimate natural jewel.


Nosy Be

An half day is dedicated to adventurers searching for thrills. The itinerary through the lush and wild fauna and flora of Nosy Be comprises local villages of rice growers, sacred lakes and the famous Mont Passot to catch the sunset.


Mont Passot

Two hours of cardio are needed to climb the Mont Passot, passing through lakes, vanilla, cocoa, ylang ylang plantations and waterfalls before arriving at the top, admire the panoramic view of the whole island as well as the breathtaking sunset…!

Lokobe Reserve

Meticulously preserved, the reserve of Lokobe has kept all its authenticity – the path taken to reach it is also full of charm thanks to the local pirogues used as transport means. This trip leads to a total immersion in a lush, primary, wild and endemic environment… Feel the sounds of Malagasy wildness !



Antafondro is a small village populated by the Anjoaty, an Islamic community present on these lands for generations. Their beliefs and traditions are incredibly strong and fascinating. They believe in Kalanoro, Tromba and Ranovavy.

Aware of the wealth of those people who survived globalization, the youth association of Lokobe and the elders of Antafondro’s village have decided to open their doors and offer a unique and priviledged experience ; their mission is to perpetuate the Anjoaty story through the eyes of women and men around the world, and highlight their wonderful culture.

You enter into a new world, a new way of living, with strong values and traditions … Leave everything that hangs you on your previous life.


Plantation at Ambaja

The sea crossing from Hell Ville port (Nosy Be) to Ankify port (Madagascar – big land) last 40 minutes. Arriving at destination, a first stop is made at the village of Doany with the visit of an old royal palace that would allow to discover the ancient Malagasy monarchy. The valley of Ambanja offers large landscapes of cocoa, pineapples and vanilla plantations.

Once in Ambanja, a walk into the city allows to discover the colorful, noisy and very charming local way of life. The visit of the catholic church make understand how the christianism is integrated into local beliefs and traditions that are very specific to Madagascar. At the end, the lunch is served into a ancient french colonial house located near to the most famous plantation of Ambanja.


Nosy Quatre frères - Candorgue - Grande Mitsio

For a whole day long, two stops are planned for our guests to benefit from all the wealth along the path linking Nosy Be to the Big Mitiso. The first one is at “Nosy 4 brothers” ; the island of birds, many endemic species leave only on this place.

Then, the “Candorgue” is a huge and special rock resulting from hundreds of years of geological erosion. The final stop at the “Big Mitiso” is the longest one, with time to chill, get lunch, and feel the magical sensation of a timeless moment, far from the real world vibrations.



From Nosy Be to Diego Suarez

  • Cocoa plantation
  • Ramena
  • Ankarana National Park – tsingy rary, kalanoro
  • Three bays
  • Amber mountain


Nosy Be Archipelago by Catamaran

  • Nosy Tanikely
  • Bay of Russians
  • Nosy Kalakazoro
  • Nosy Antanimora
  • Coconut plantation
  • Nosy Valia
  • Estuary of Baramahay
  • Nosy Iranja


Ankarana Park

Be immersed into the wild for two days, in a camp located next to a lake and a river, with a view on the Tsingy.



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North excursions

Melis. T

« Every day was as incredible as the previous one. The staff was very friendly and attentive, the landscapes were breathtaking - not to mention the incredible malagasy vibe. It was my first time in Madagascar, but surely not the last. I fell in love thanks to Sound's. » - June 2022

Royal Beach Hotel & Spa

Ewa P.

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Royal Beach Hotel & Spa

Ju N.

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